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"Know thyself. To know thyself is to know Melanin." - Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

A simple guide for Sacred Souls to innerstand Melanin, how to balance Aritu and align with your higher self.
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Why should you let her help you become whole?
Satin Marche helps Melanated people become whole by aligning their Chakras so they can transition into a more wholistic lifestyle; using a variety of alternative methods. She is a Doterra Wellness Advocate, an Herbalist who is Kemetic Reiki Certified & a Humanitarian.

Innerstand your Melanin is Sacred, do all you can to protect it.

Melanin is infinite - C18H10N2O4

"Know thyself. To know thyself is to know Melanin."
 - Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

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Aritu is the Kemetic name for Chakras. This ebook explores knowledge relating to the 7 main energy centers; Aritu which is the spiritual aspect of our being.
Ra Sekhi or Kemetic Reiki is ancient knowledge that uses Sekhem; our life force to channel healing energy from one source to another. Learn how to channel your own Sekhem.
When we consume life-giving foods, our body temple reawakens & are nourished; spirit, mind & body. Become informed about nutrition for Melanated beings.

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DISCLAIMER: It is important that you know I am only here to help you become whole. I do not heal you. I simply offer the tools to you, but it is up to you to apply them to your lifestyle. Use these tools so you can transition your lifestyle; learn about Melanin, Aritu & how to connect to your higher self.

Everything is connected. Everything is energy.